Your Summer Shoes

Springtime brings out everyone’s creative side; suddenly the air is warm and the daffodils are coming up and you feel like you have a new lease on life. It’s also an opportunity to add a few new clothing and shoe items to your collection and add a bit of colour to your dark winter wardrobe. One great way to do this inexpensively is to get creative. No artistic talent is required, only a bit of vision and imagination. Shoe clips and charms are perfect to bring new life to last year’s summer shoes, which may be  a little out of season this year.

For not much more than a tenner you can buy good quality shoe clips made from velvet.  There is a great selection of flower shoe clips available online in any design or colour. Alternatively, you could choose to custom make your own shoe clips. You’ll still need to buy the fold-over shoe clips on which you will hot glue or sew your ornaments or bows. The advantage of making your own clips is that you can modify your shoes for special occasions such as weddings and costume parties.

Coco Chanel said, “A girl should be two things: Classy and fabulous,” and you certainly don’t need to keep your evening shoes plain black or white because shoe charms come bejewelled too. A bit of sparkle on a shoe is very effective, so get shoe clips with a bit of rhinestone or diamante and even the most ordinary shoe can be transformed into evening chic. There are many online costume jewellery shoe pieces in attractive teardrop, butterfly and flower designs available at a reasonable price, online.

Original plastic shoe accessories are usually sold for flip flops and beach clogs, which make provision for shoe charms. These may not work well to make your shoes highly fashionable but they’re great for novelty value, kids love them, and they serve to make your beachwear funky and colourful. For the children, you can choose from a wide range of Disney characters and moms and teenagers will enjoy the gemstone charms.

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